Chicken Attack

28 August
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Howdy.. Ally Leigh B here.. I've been called many things, but most refer to me as Ally. Actually, they usually don't refer to me, they usally refer to my wheelchair, Big Bertha. Oh how i love Big Bertha..
I'm a pretty fun loving girl. I like to party on occassion. The best parties are deffinately around a bond fire. I'm kind of a tomboy. I like to fish and hunt. I mean, I do live in Kentucky, it isn't all that out of the ordinary. I can out-fish any guy! When i was 9 i won a fishing tourney.. I caught 32 fish in 2 hours.. yes, I totally KICK ASS!!!

I just graduated from Campbell County High School.. I'm headed down to U of L in august and plan on staying there for about seven years.. I'm going to major in poli sci and then, hopefully, go to law school at Brandeis.

If ya have any question, feel free to ask..